A&W: New Buddy Burgers with Grilled Onions

Diana Chan March 5, 2012 Fast Food, Food for Thought

Last week, A&W introduced their new line of burgers called the “Buddy Burgers“. These are smaller burgers that are under $3. Pretty good prices and good for people who don’t wanna eat so much. Their images look really good, but in reality they don’t look very appealing. I think A&W is starting to run out of names.

They have 4 different burgers, but the variations don’t really vary too much.

Little Buddy Burger ($1.75) they messed up my order…imagine this without the cheese. It has one patty, mayo, and caramelized onions between the toasted buns.

Little Buddy Burger with Cheese ($2.25) is similar to the one above but WITH cheese.

Buddy Burger ($2.45) has 2 patties with mayo and the caramelized onions between toasted buns.

Buddy Burger with Cheese ($2.95) is the same above but with the cheese.

You can make any of the above a combo by adding $3 for fries and a drink. If you are wondering if I ate all 4 of these with a combo…yes I did…I was way too full afterwards. A normal person will be ok with just 2 burgers to get full.

The burgers were ok, but I did like the addition of the grilled onions. The 4 burgers don’t vary much except for the extra patty and cheese. Even though these are cheap, I probably wouldn’t order them again.

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