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Diana Chan March 23, 2016 British Columbia, Fast Food


A&W is a short walk from Marine Drive Canada Line Skytrain Station. It’s right outside the entrance to Marine Gateway. We were here for a movie and needed a quick bite before it started. Of all the fast food restaurants, A&eW is a lot better than some of the rest.


You can order from their staff or there is also a self serve machine to put in your order and pay for it. Not as sleep as McDonalds new self serve kiosks, but it works.


We got our root beer in the frosted mugs and realized they have super cute mini mugs. So, if you’re not a huge soda drinker, you can opt for the smaller size. You only get them if you eat here. I have the larger mugs at home but I was pretty tempted to take the smaller mug.


After the drinks arrived, all the food came on one tray.


Teen Burger with Russet Thick Cut Fries was my sisters order. The fries came in a cute little basket. The teen burger has a beef patty, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, ketchup,pickles, onions and their secret teen sauce.


Poutine has their Russet Thick Cut Fries topped with lots of gravy and cheese curds. It’s decent for what it is. The fries were a bit limp but at least it had lots of gravy and cheese.


Peppered Bacon Papa Burger has a beef patty, cheese, A&W seasoning, peppered bacon, roasted garlic and chili aioli, grilled onions and a sesame bun.


I wasn’t very hungry so I grabbed a basket of onion rings and a small root beer. You can’t go wrong with their onion rings. Beautifully battered, salty and ha a good chunk of onion.


At the end of the meal, you can separate all the trash.


I’m starting to notice that there are A&Ws close to a lot of the Skytrains. Super convenient and it’s better than the other fast food options.



468 S.W. Marine Drive
Vancouver BC

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  1. Riddlemethis March 25, 2016 at 9:45 pm

    Was it a slow day in the content department? Will you be reviewing every McDonald’s and Wendy’s in the city too because you give absolutely no justification why you chose to review this fast food location.

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