A&W: Chubby Chicken Strips and Onion Rings

Diana Chan March 20, 2012 Fast Food, Food for Thought

It was a busy day in the office and I needed something quick to devour for lunch. I just popped downstairs to the A&W and got a 3 piece chubby chicken strip combo with onion rings and a coke. It cost me about $10, which was super expensive!

The 3 chicken strips were of uneven sizes. From the picture, you can see that the middle piece is considerable smaller than the others. The chicken strips also seem burnt and over cooked. This made me a bit sad, but I ate it anyways since I already paid for it. Make sure you get some honey mustard to go along with this.

I always enjoy the onion rings! Its always perfectly seasoned on the outside and has real onions. My only complaint is that sometimes the batter does fall off.

All in all, it was a decent, quick, unhealthy lunch.

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