A&W Canada: Rise and Shine with Breakfast

Diana Chan November 9, 2016 British Columbia, Fast Food


A&W Canada is one of my favourite fast food restaurants and with the clocks turning backwards 1 hour for the fall, it’s easier for me to make it in time for breakfast before 11am. They also recently added pork raised without the use of antibiotics on the menu.

M and I went to the closest location to our place and came here to devour some breakfast on a weekend at 9:30am. Clearly the rest of the neighbourhood had the same idea too. The place was packed and the only seats available were outside.

All Canadian Special


I’ve never had their traditional breakfasts here before since most of the time we do take out. This time, we tried the All Canadian Special, which comes with toast, hash brown, sausage, bacon, and 2 eggs. You can have your eggs – scrambled, sunny side up or over easy. We were impressed that it was served on a ceramic plate with metal utensils. The eggs were cooked to order and it was good. Their eggs are antibiotic free and they are working to serving eggs from hens raised in  better cage-free housing.

Sausage and bacon


When do you see sausage links and beautiful strips of bacon at fast food restaurants? They were good and not overly salted.


They use 100% Canadian pork products and no antibiotics. They have really stepped up their game in the last few years to give Canadians something better.

Hash browns


Lets not forget about their hash browns. Golden and crisp, which rivals other fast food restaurant’s hash browns. Throw some of the French’s Tomato Ketchup and it makes the perfect combo.

Breakfast Wrap


For those who prefer to dine out because they are in a rush, they have these cute breakfast wraps made with egg, cheese, ketchup and bacon in their flour tortilla.

Mushroom Mozza Cheese and Egger with Sausage patty


They brought back the Mushroom Mozza Burger and they offer a breakfast variety on an english muffin. Apparently, I could add a sausage patty to it. I love their special limited time sandwiches and they are actually really good.


Final Thoughts


I’ve been a fan of A&W since I was a little kid when they had the cute bear mascot and those crazy addictive onion rings. It was good back then and it’s still good today.


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