Aussie Bao: Premium Canned Abalone in Hong Kong

Diana Chan January 29, 2019 product

With Chinese New Year coming up soon, there will be lots of delicious meals cooked at home. One seafood that is bound to make an appearance is abalone. Abalone (Bau Yu) is a prized sea snail, which is a delicacy and symbolizes wealth. It doesn’t come cheap especially if you want a quality product.

Aussie Bao

A new product on the market is Aussie Bao, which produces high quality canned abalone free of preservatives, contaminants, MSG, and is caught wild.

The Shuangzui factory where Aussie Bao is produced is the only one in Queensland, Australia and has been around for over 20 years. They catch the abalone from the southernmost part of Australia – Tasmania. The water is clean pollution-free, so the abalone is high quality. After the abalone is captured, it is transported to the factory for processing. At the factory, it
gets processed, cleaned, weighted, and sorted.

What’s inside?

Inside the can are large ready to eat abalone. In our can, there were 3 very plump pieces of abalone with the abalone sauce made up of abalone, chicken and sand fish bones. Surprisingly delicious and can be reused in other dishes as part of your meal.

All you need to do is reheat and serve.

What’s cooking?

We sauteed some pea shoots with garlic and warmed up the sliced abalone on top. We were surprised that with the 3 large abalone, we were able to get so many slices on the dish. The flavour of the abalone was great too and you can really tell the quality of it.

Final Thoughts

Aussie Bao is definitely a premium product, so it is not cheap at all. Makes for great gifts over the Chinese Lunar New Year too.

You can find Aussie Bao online through their website or you can purchase it at select locations in Hong Kong.


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