Artisan Sake Maker: More Than Just Sake… ICE CREAM!

Diana Chan August 14, 2011 Dessert, Granville Island, Three Beakers

I was around Granville Island yesterday with my sisters and we were passing by the Artisan Sake Maker shop and the sign “Rice Raisin Ice Cream” caught our eye. We haven’t heard of this flavour, so we really wanted to try it out.

Since they are a shop dedicated in their craft of sake, we were a bit afraid the ice cream would be alcoholic. It turns out they are not and are 100% kid friendly.

You can also go for some sake tasting as well. You can try 3 of their signature sakes for $5 or just $2 for 1. A lot of people seem to be trying all their sake’s so, it is quite popular. Since I was with my sisters, we really didn’t feel like trying the sake out. Perhaps in the future I will return with M since he is a huge sake fanatic.

Green Tea ice cream with white chocolate chips ($3.50) was very subtle. It’s not as strong as the usual green tea ice cream you would encounter at other shops. I didn’t take a liking to it since it has the embedded white chocolate chips. I found it a bit random putting that in.

Some people may like it since it gives it more texture and something to chew on. My sister liked it, so it’s just a personal preference.

Rice Raisin Ice Cream ($3.50) was very nice. The rice ice cream was also very subtle and had a nice milky taste. The embedded raisin were soft, delicate and chewy. This was probably our personal favorite! This is probably a must if you are around.

The waffle cones were crunchy, but the ice cream just sits on top of the cone, so the middle is basically empty. There were a few times when we licked a bit too hard and the whole ice cream wanted to fall off.

Overall, it was not bad. It’s something fun to eat in the sun. It’s not like you can get these flavour combinations anywhere else.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Free parking if you can find a spot on Granville Island
  • Sake tasting
  • Small selection of ice cream flavours, but unique
We Rate Artisan Sake Master: 


1339 Railspur Alley,
Vancouver, BC


Twitter: @ArtisanSake 

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