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Diana Chan May 23, 2014 Cafe, Midtown, Three Beakers


M, Fabo and I were taking a very long stroll to the movie theatres near Eglinton. It took us a while to figure out its a long walk from Bloor and Younge. We took a break half way and went to Aroma Espresso Bar to have a drink.

We have seen several Aroma Espresso Bars around town. Aroma Espresso Bar actually first opened in Jerusalem in 1994, but it wasn’t until 2007 when the first Canadian store opened in Toronto in the Annex area.


It was a Sunday afternoon and this place was busy. They serve coffee, sandwiches, pastries, salads, and even breakfast.


Brewed coffee ($1.70) is made with their own house-blend of beans. It comes with a piece of milk chocolate.


Cappuccino ($3.95) is made with a short shot of espresso, blended with steamed milk, and topped with froth. It also comes with a piece of chocolate.


Mango Smoothie ($4.85) is apparently made with 100% real fruit. M thought it was ok, pretty average. But it was nice that it came with a piece of chocolate too.

Overall, it a nice place to stop by for a drink. We saw some people study and some other people catching up over drinks.

We Rate Aroma Espresso Bar:

1407 Yonge St
Toronto ON


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