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Diana Chan May 1, 2014 Hotel Review, Kid Friendly, Las Vegas, travel
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When we were in Vegas, we spent 5 days staying at Aria. We got a good package via Allegiant Air and we heard it was a nice family friendly hotel. It’s crazy big and has about 4,000 guest suites, 16 restaurants, 10 bars/nigh clubs and a big gambling space. As a guest, you have access to the pool space and facilities. Currently, they are hosting Zarkana by Cirque du Soleil.

It is located right near the middle of the strip and is super convenient to get around either by taxi or walking.

They have these huge statues out front. It probably has some symbolic meaning.


You check in on the right side of the lobby. It takes a bit of time to check-in if there’s a long line.

Checking Out is much easier! You can check out by texting or emailing. Once done, you can just drop off your electronic keys in the boxes by the exit. It literally takes seconds to check out. I was really impressed how much they would make the process as painless as possible.


Getting to the room was a maze because of the shape of the hotel. It twists and turns but just follow the signs and you will find your way.


Our room was a Deluxe Room with 2 queen-sized beds with an adjacent room connected by a door. Perfect for a family of 5.

The room was all controlled by a tablet beside the bed. It controls the TV, temperature, lights, blinds, etc.


It was a nice space, but do be aware, if you move anything from the mini fridge, you get charged $50. Pretty steep, but I think it’s because they don’t want you to use it to cool your other beverages if you have any.


The washroom is nice, but the frosted glass may be a bit scary for some. No one really wants to kind see you do your business. Just make sure you close the main door to the washroom.


The shower and the tub are in the same glassed area. You can take a bath and a shower at the same time.


The Monte Carlo and New York New York and be seen from the lobby area. Taxi’s come quickly and isn’t a problem at all. But then again, taxi’s are everywhere on the strip.


When you check out, you can leave your luggage at the hotel until it’s time to go. Our flight was in the afternoon, so we wanted to spend some time getting lunch and picking up a few souvenirs.

Overall, I enjoyed our stay and would definitely consider Aria again.


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