Arby’s: Good Mood Food in a Food Court

Diana Chan July 12, 2012 American, Fast Food, Food for Thought, South Burnaby

I’m sure it’s no surprise that I have a secret addiction to fast food. Give me a burger and fries and I’ll slurp it right up. M and I were at Metrotown in the food court and were feeling hungry, so we stopped at Arby’s. It’s kinda our go-to place when we don’t want to make too many decisions. The roast beef is quite yummy and addictive.

This is the only location that we have Arby’s because it’s convenient.

Theres lots of seats, but it can get very crowded at peak hours. M and I have a tradition of always going down to the pet store to check out the kittens after lunch.

We grabbed a bunch of things and found a seat.

Don’t forget to grab some Horseradish sauce and Barbecue sauce! You can add it to your fries or into your burger.

Curly Fries are a must! It’s crispy and golden brown and is so much better than normal fries. Some curly fries can be really curly and some other not so much.

Large Roast Beef has heaps of roast beef sandwiched between a sesame bun.

Look at the layers. You probably would want to add the barbecue sauce to this.

Bacon & Cheddar Deluxe has the thinly sliced roast beef with lettuce, mayo, cheese and bacon in between the sesame bun.

The bacon was a bit of a disappointment since it was so small.

Thats the cross section of it. It tasted ok, but I felt the lettuce and bacon didn’t add much to the sandwich.Perhaps next time, I’ll just get the sandwich with cheese and roast beef.

Overall, if you like meaty sandwiches with loads of roast beef, go to Arby’s.

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