Aqua Sushi + Organic Juice Bar: New Restaurant in Olympic Village

Aqua Sushi + Organic Juice Bar

Aqua Sushi + Juice Bar is a new addition to the Olympic Village. They serve up all their sushi with brown rice and all their fresh juice is made to order with the freshest ingredients possible. They also only use wild sockeye salmon instead of the usual salmon you find at other places.

Magz and I came here during lunch to find a nice light and quick lunch.

Aqua Sushi + Organic Juice Bar

The place is small and doesn’t have too many seats.

Aqua Sushi + Organic Juice Bar

All menu items are $10 or under. Still, the items are pricey since it’s just a roll.

Aqua Sushi + Organic Juice Bar

Quench Fresh Pressed Juice ($6) has  cucumber, pineapple, coconut water, pear and lime. It was strange how it came out pink with the ingredients, but the juice tasted pretty good. The pineapple really sweetens up the drink. 

Aqua Sushi + Organic Juice Bar

Spicy Salmon Roll ($5)  has crunchy green beans, kale, wild sockeye salmon, spicy sauce, brown rice and sprinkled with sesame seeds. The crunchy texture of the beans and kale really complimented the salmon. I was really surprised! The quality of ingredients is fantastic. Yeah to eating healthy.

Aqua Sushi + Organic Juice Bar

Rejuvenate ($6) has carrot, orange, grapefruit, ginger and cayenne.

Aqua Sushi + Organic Juice Bar

Aqua Roll ($5.50) has salmon,  avocado,  mango, green bean, and brown rice. Another great roll that didn’t disappoint. THe mango was perfectly ripe and not sour.

Overall, we were impressed by the rolls and juices. We didn’t have high hopes in the beginning, but when we took the first bite and slip, we liked it. The prices are expensive for what you get compared to other sushi places around town. You’re paying a lot more for quality ingredients. Also, everything here is really healthy, which is good if you are on a diet.

We Rate Aqua Sushi + Juice Bar: 

1764 Manitoba Street
Vancouver, BC


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