Anton’s Pasta: Stuffed Pasta

Diana Chan March 26, 2013 Italian, North Burnaby, Three Beakers

Another late night meal at Anton’s Pasta. There’s not too many late night places in this area. M and I like to come here for the amount food. Rawr we’re monsters. We have never finished a whole plate nor would be ever try. We usually eat part of it and then save leftovers for breakfast and lunch….and sometimes dinner.

Anton's Pasta

It’s usually busy, but we come pretty late around 9pm. There’s still lots of people inside but at least there are no line ups out the door.

Anton's Pasta

Complementary Bread arrives at the table as you wait for your dish. When you’re super hungry, you’ll probably eat a fair amount of bread, but it definitely fills you up before your pasta arrives. I usually just nibble on the bread and just wait till the pasta arrives.

Anton's Pasta

Spinach Tortellini Napoletana ($16.95) contains spinach tortellini stuffed with ricotta cheese in a fresh basil tomato sauce. It was the first time I ordered stuffed pasta and it was alright. The sauce isn’t as addictive as their specialty pastas. There was a lot of tortellini, but I kinda prefer their other pastas.

Anton's Pasta

Tondi Don Vincenzo ($16.95) has romano cheese & garlic stuffed pasta in a cream garlic parsley sauce with diced onions. The creamy garlic sauce was good!

Overall, the stuffed pasta is definitely different that their speciality pastas. Yet again, it’s not the best pasta, but its alright. People come here for the large quantities.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Free parking near TD Bank
  • Long line ups during peak hours
  • Large variety of pastas
  • No debit, they only accept credit and cash

We Rate Anton’s Past Bar: 


4260 Hastings St
Burnaby, BC


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