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Diana Chan April 30, 2011 Italian, North Burnaby, Three Beakers

It was game 7 of the Canucks vs Blackhawks. The whole city was on the edge of their seats hoping that the Canucks would win. There was so much tention that you couldn’t cut it with a knife. I watched the first period and then decided I wanted to get something to eat.

M and I were trying to go to Los Compadres, but they were closed, so we looked at Bombay Bhel…also closed. It felt like North Burnaby shut down to watch game 7. Fortunately, Anton’s was still open. It was prime dinner time and it was empty!

It was so funny because when something would happen, the staff would run back to the kitchen to check out the action.

M and I were here before for dinner and he loved the large portions. Today we decided to get different dishes and share them.

As usual bread and butter arrives on the table.

Our first pasta was the Penne All’ Emiliana ($15.50). This has italian sausage, panchetta, tomatoes, basil, black olives,fetta cheese, Extra virgin olive oil, and penne.

M did enjoy this because it has their amazing tasting sausage and olives. He has weird taste… but I didn’t think it was too bad either. The tomatoes seemed a bit random and I could have lived without them in this dish.

The next pasta was the Fusilli Alla Toscana ($15.50). This has chicken, mushrooms, white wine, and pesto cream sauce. If you like pastas with lots of sauce, this is your type of pasta.

I am a fan of really saucy dishes. This is very rich and is packed with pesto flavour. The type of pasta they use really increases the surface area for the sauce to stick onto.

We had our work cut out for us. 2 pastas for 2 stomaches. We obviously did not finish this all and packed it back home. This became our next 2 meals.

Anton’s pasta does not have THE BEST pasta, but they do have large portions that men do like. As long as I am not ordering the usual carbonara, or meat sauce spaghetti, I am happy.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Free parking near TD Bank
  • Long line ups during peak hours
  • Large variety of pastas
  • No debit, they only accept credit and cash

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4260 Hastings St
Burnaby, BC


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