Anducci’s Cucina: Horrible Service and No Bread

Diana Chan July 3, 2011 Italian, North Burnaby, Two Beakers

AuditGirl was back in town and we usually get together with a few high school friends to catch up. Since pasta is always on Auditgirl’s mind, it seems fitting for her to come here.

I use to go to this Anducci’s back in high school, but back then it was very very dead, hardly anyone here for lunch. Now, its super packed especially dinner. Things have really turned around.

Auditgirl and I shared a pitcher of Sangria ($26). Honestly, it was not very good and for the price…I might as well travel a bit farther for the Sangria at Havana’s.

AuditGirl ordered the Laverne + Shirley Ziti Pasta ($12). It has slow roasted chicken, prawns, garlic, and caramelized onions in a light white wine cream sauce.

This version is different that the other branch of Anducci’s near Lougheed. Tasted really good and the ziti tubular pasta really captures a lot of the flavour inside as well.

ShyGirl had The Hulk ($12). It has whole-wheat pasta with mushrooms, avocado, roasted tomatoes and spinach quickly sautéed in garlic, olive oil and white wine. Finished with crumbled goat cheese + pumpkin seeds.

She really did not like the taste of whole-wheat pasta and the texture and taste of it ruined the dish for her. The Hulk pasta felt very very earthy.

SwimmerGirl has the Spicy Prawn, Scallop + Clam Linguini ($12). Fresh seafood simmered in white wine, tossed with linguini and tomato sauce.

She enjoyed it since it had lots of sauce and a little bit of a spicy kick.

I had the Prosciutto + Arugula Pizza ($10). It has roasted garlic olive oil rubbed pizza with sea salt, crushed chilies + mozzarella. Topped with thinly sliced prosciutto and arugula.

I found this pizza lacking any cheese to keep the prosciutto adhered to the bread. It felt like taking some flat crispy bread with a bit of seasoning and throwing the prosciutto and arugula on top. I really liked the prosciutto, but the pizza as a whole was messy and hard to eat.

It seems like they over baked the dough with the cheese on top and then threw on the prosciutto and arugula.

One thing that we were all waiting for was the usual bread that comes to the table, but it never came. We asked the waiter and he neglected to tell us that there is a new policy that they implemented. Since they were wasting so much bread before, they only give out bread on request. We found this funny when most of the tables around us had bread… we were not impressed by this new policy. There is no mention in the restaurant or menu about this. Plus, the bread really is the best part about Anducci’s.

The service was also not very good either, it would take us a while to get the waiters attention to give him our order and the food did not come out at the same time either.

Overall, the food was just decent, but I would rather go to the Lougheed branch.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Lacking service
  • New bread “policy”, must ask them for bread
  • Free parking in front or rear
  • Sangria is horrible
  • Some pasta dishes are a hit of miss

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6011 Hastings St
Burnaby, BC

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