Allegiant Air: Bellingham to Las Vegas

Diana Chan April 4, 2014 Airplane Meals, Bellingham, Las Vegas, travel


Allegiant Air had a package deal to Las Vegas from Bellingham and it was time for a family vacation. A lot of people take advantage of their cheap packages. You pack a heck of a lot more if you fly out of Vancouver.

A lot of Vancouverites, just drive down to Bellingham to take a flight. Seriously, you save so much money.


The Bellingham International Airport is quite small, so you need to walk outside past the gate to enter the plane.


The plane ride was about 2.5 hours and you get some nice view of the mountains on the west coast. I don’t really know where I was since the plane didn’t have those digital maps on the plane.

The flight did not provide any complimentary snacks or beverages. All items, you will have to purchase with your credit card. They do not take cash. Don’t expect much from the Allegent Air. They are quite known for their delays and lack of service.

Luckily, when didn’t have any delays on our flight, but the plane before us had mechanical issues, so their flight was delayed 5 hours. Always make sure you have a buffer of time just in case something like that happens.


As the plane got close to Las Vegas, you can clearly see The Strip. The buildings are so huge, you can see them from so far away. Granted, the airport is only about 10 minutes away from The Strip.


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