Air China: Flight from Seoul to Beijing

Diana Chan January 19, 2014 Airplane Meals, Chinese


Before we could get back to Canada, we needed to stop at Beijing for a connecting flight. From Incheon Airport in South Korea, the only available flight was through Air China. The reviews seemed ok, but I was a bit scared since I’ve never taken Air China before.

The duration of the flight was about an hour and 45 minutes. Not a bad flight time and we also got a meal! Our flight was around noon, so we got lunch. I was definitely anticipating food.

Air China Star Alliance

The configuration of the plane has 2 seats on the side and then 3 in the centre. I always avoid the centre ones since I love a nice view from the plane. Plus since it was just M and I, we didn’t want to sit with strangers.


The screen and controller seemed a bit ghetto, so I just left it alone.


For lunch there was chicken and vegetables yi mein noodles with bread, and a salad for lunch. You also get your choice of beverage. The quality wasn’t bad at all. It was much better than Air Canada by a long shot.

I understood less than half on the things on the flight since I don’t understand Korean, Chinese or really badly spoken English. We tried to listen to the announcements, but we failed miserably.

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