Air Canada: YVR to LAS Review (AC 1832)

Diana Chan March 13, 2017 Airplane Meals, British Columbia, Las Vegas, travel

Heading to Las Vegas, I decided to take a direct flight out of Vancouver International Airport. Last time I flew out of Bellingham, but I didn’t want to do that again as driving across the border is troublesome.

Air Canada had a good price and convenient times to board the plan in the morning. It boarded at 8:40 and took off at 9:20am. I was booked on  Air Canada 1832 in Economy class on a Boeing 767. It was operated by Air Canada Rouge, so the plane is newer, but it is a bit smaller.

It was busy at check-in before the flight, so I made sure to get my electronic boarding pass loaded onto my phone to skip the line.

The best ways to avoid waits is to only do carry on baggage and have

In the seat, there is one outlet for a computer or small device. I didn’t use it as the flight was pretty short.

Being 5’3 I didn’t mind the size of the seats, as I don’t take up too much space. The person beside me was a bit taller and his knees were pretty close up the the seat in front of him.

The overhead bins were a bit smaller, so they made me check in my bad free of charge as the wheels on my small suitcase didn’t fit comfortably into the bins. If you want to avoid checking in, make sure you have a compact suitcase.

The weather above was gorgeous with the rocky mountains.

We do get one complimentary beverage and I usually choose the tomato juice and it is scientifically proven to taste better in flight.

Overall, it was a good flight at a good price. It got me from Vancouver to Las Vegas with no issues. Landing and take off were smooth.


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