Air Canada: Vancouver to Toronto Red Eye

Diana Chan June 1, 2016 Airplane Meals, British Columbia, Toronto, travel


Air Canada Flight 1172 from Vancouver (YVR) to Toronto (YYZ) departs from YVR International Airport at 12:25am and arrives at 7:55am at Pearson international Airport. Total time of about 4 hours and 30 minutes.

As this is a domestic flight even though we were on our way to Orlando, Florida. There are a lot of connecting flights that go through Pearson International. Air Canada didn’t have a direct flight to Orlando.

We check-in online 24 hours ahead of time, checked our seats, and got our tickets loaded onto our phones. We also had to check a bag in, so it cost us $25USD. Pretty annoying how it’s in USD, but we didn’t have a choice.


Since it was late at night, going through security was seamless. Staff were very friendly and if you are Canadian, you can show your passport, Drivers License or Government issued ID.


None of the shops or stores are open, so you won’t have anything to do to kill time waiting for boarding. There is Wifi, so as long as you have a device of some sort, you can browse the internet.


It was a packed flight, so they asked that anyone with a carry on that wanted it checked in for no additional price can do so.


The row configuration is 2 -2 in Business class with 14 seats and then in Economy class, a 3-3 configuration with 169 seats. They use their Airbus A321-200 fleet.


The seats have a USB outlet, touchscreen entertainment system and an outlet for charging other devices like laptops.


They have pretty recent movies like Star Wars: The Force Awaken.


Once the plane lifts off, they offer passengers a complementary beverage and the option to buy any snacks or meals off their menu. I went with water because I always get so thirsty on flights.


Most of the flight, everyone is sleeping. There was a bit of turbulence, so there was announcements once in a while to make sure people have their seat belts on .


Once we get closer to Toronto, they offer another complimentary beverage.


This time I went with tomato juice since it tastes a lot better in the air. There were studies done where loud noises suppress sweet flavours and enhance savoury ones.


The flight wasn’t eventful, which it shouldn’t be. We were able to sleep through the plane ride with no issues. I can fall asleep even with the loud engine noises as it is a consistent noise.

We got to Toronto and had a long layover, so we explored the city for a little bit a met up with a few friends before heading off to Orlando.


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