Air Canada: Flight from Vancouver to Korea

Diana Chan October 22, 2013 Airplane Meals, British Columbia


M and I headed to Seoul, South Korea from Vancouver via Air Canada. It was the cheapest option that required no stopovers. As long as I get to my destination without any issues, I am fine with flying Air Canada. A lot of people think Air Canada is pretty crappy, but I’ve never had any issues.

AIr Canada Korea Vancouver

This plane model had a 2-3-2 configuration, so sitting on the sides was great because we didn’t have to bother a stranger when going to the washroom.

Air Canada Vancouver Korea

Our seats also had a USB port on the left and an outlet on the right. Not all seats will have the outlet, so when choosing your seat, refer to their plane layout.

About an hour after takeoff, we were given out first meal with 2 options – chicken and potatoes or beef on rice. It also comes with a salad, brownie, bread, water and another drink of your choice. A popular option was ordering wine or beer. Since it comes free, might as well booze it up.

Air Canada Vancouver Korea

Chicken and Potatoes

Air Canada Vancouver Korea

Beef on Rice.

Air Canada Vancouver Korea

Then they dimmed the lights and created an artificial “night time”. I didn’t mind it since it helps to combat that time difference.

After this, they gave us our next meal! Japchae aka Korean sweet potato noodles with pork. I guess they customized the meals since we are flying to Korea. There is also fruit, bread, and a drink of your choice.

Air Canada Vancouver Korea


We took another naptime and then about an hour before we land, they gave us an option of having cup noodles. It was chicken flavour and the stewardesses were calling it chicken noodle soup. I thought it was funny.

Air Canada Vancouver Korea

Chicken Flavoured Cup Noodles

All the food was decent and the stewardesses were nice. It was an ok flight and we survived those 10 hours without any hassles.  Other airlines have better food, but I don’t want to pay more just for the food. A lot of people told me to take Cathay Pacific or Korean Air, but it wasn’t an option because it was way more expensive during the time we wanted to travel.

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  1. Mallory @ Because I Like Choco October 25, 2013 at 10:32 am

    I love how you are blogging about airplane food! I must say, the stuff scares me!

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