Air Canada: Meals and Beverages from Vancouver to Hong Kong

Diana Chan July 18, 2012 Airplane Meals, Food for Thought, Hong Kong

When I went to Hong Kong from Vancouver through Air Canada, this 13 hr plane ride was accompanied with dinner and drink service throughout the flight. My family and I were all seated in Economy class and had a total of 3 meals. Each meal, you could choose your own drink to go with the meal.

We boarded the plane at in the early afternoon and then arrived near dinner time in Hong Kong.

Our first dinner meal was a choice of chicken and pasta or Rice and Beef Stirfry. Each set contained a brownie, bread, salad, water and your choice of entree.

I chose the chicken and pasta and it tasted good. It wasn’t amazing good, but the texture from the tiny balls of pasta and the chicken worked well together. It was a decent first meal.

My mom ordered the rice and beef stirfry. It wasn’t as appealing as the chicken and pasta. The sauce was a bit salty and the rice  was just rice.

Four hours later, they present you with another meal. This time there are less side dishes, but fruit and bread with the entree. You had the choice between pasta with meat sauce or rice and chicken.

I love chicken, so I chose the rice and chicken option. It was very similar to the rice and beef stirfry from earlier, but with chicken instead. I really didn’t like it.

My little sister loves pasta, so she got the pasta with meat sauce. I tried a bit of it and it was really good. Not restaurant worthy, but good food considering it was on a plane. There was just enough sauce to cover all the penne pasta.

Another 4 hours later, they provided us with cup noodles and a half a turkey sandwich. I actually hate cup noodles, but I just ate it anyways. Not my favorite meal, but you have to eat in order to not starve yourself. At this point in the meal, I am pretty sure everyone on the plane just wanted to sleep.

I also noticed there was a lot of carbs hahaha. My little sister is mildly allergic to gluten, so she had to pick wisely what to eat.

Besides eating and sleeping on the plane, most of the time was spent with my sister rewatching old episodes of Adventure Time. If you don’t know what Adventure Time is about, please watch it! It’s my most favorite cartoon at the moment!

What is also super cool about the airplanes is that it has a usb charger and a socket charger. It’s pretty awesome if you are on your laptop or any electronic device. None of the programming on the plane interested me, so I didn’t even watch any movies on the plane. I spent most of my time on my laptop.

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