Air Canada (AC8570): Vancouver (YVR) to Regina (YQR)

Diana Chan June 8, 2018 Airplane Meals, British Columbia, Regina, travel

To get from Vancouver to Regina, we chose to fly with Air Canada for their price and timing to make the most out of our days in Saskatchewan. Our flight was at 8:55am on a Friday and it was a full flight.


We waited patiently as we boarded the plane at 8:25am. They checked out boarding passes and looked at our ID. As Canadian Citizens, we showed them our drivers license. If you are from another country, a passport is required. Boarding went smoothly and got to our seats.

The Flight

The 2 hour flight was on their Air Canada Express plane, which was a 2-2 configuration for seats. The overhead compartments are smaller than other flights I’ve been on, so getting my carry on to fit was a bit of a challenge and needed some pushing. Alternatively, you can store your carry on under the seat in front of you. Then you can put your personal bag up top.

The leg room had ample space, but then again, I am 5”3. So, I’m a bit on the shorter size.


We were offered a complementary beverage, so I went with my usual sparkling water with the full can as I get pretty thirsty. I always ask for the full can.



The entertainment system has some of the latest Cineplex movies, TV shows, games, song and flight information. There are wi-fi options available too.

If you need to charge devices, there is a USB port.


As for timing, the flight arrived and landed on time with minimal turbulence. Everything was as expected.

Final Thoughts

Even though people complain about flying with Air Canada, I’ve never had any issues with them and also the price is very good in comparison.

As we descended upon Regina, our Saskatchewan journey begins for the next 5 days.

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