Adorabelle Tea Room: Afternoon Tea in Steveston

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Adorabelle Tea Room

Adorabelle Tea Room is a little cozy tea room in Steveston that serves up Afternoon tea. I rarely come to Steveston, but had I know there was such a cute little restaurant here, I would make more trips down here. The tea room is in the location of an old courtroom in Steveston. Seems like a weird place, but it’s the perfect location for a girls night out.

Afternoon Tea service is from Wednesday through Sunday. There are designated seating times 11:00am, 12:30pm, 2:00pm and 3:30pm. Reservations are required before you come here as they need to plan in advance. It’s $25 per person, which is a good price considering other places are around $50 per person.

Adorabelle Tea Room

Once you go inside, it is small, but it is the perfect atmosphere to have afternoon tea here.  There are only 5 tables here.

Adorabelle Tea Room

Good intimate atmosphere for a bunch of girls to come here, de-stress, and have a good catch up session.

Adorabelle Tea Room

Adorabelle Tea Room

Our reservation was from 12:30pm – 1:30pm. Each seating is an hour-long, but its a decent amount of time to eat the 3 tiers of treats. If not, you can take then home and enjoy further.

Adorabelle Tea Room

When you sit down, you have your cup ready and your napkin folded like a rose. It’s the small little touches that make dining here great.

Adorabelle Tea Room

You can choose when types of teas you want. It can be a bit of a struggle to figure out which tea you want to try out.

Adorabelle Tea Room

It’s good that they come around to help you choose the right tea. You can smell them all if you like too.

I went with the Cream Earl Grey and my friend chose Paris. Both very good types of black tea.

Adorabelle Tea Room

As your tea steeps, it has a cozy to keep the heat from escaping.

Adorabelle Tea Room

A few minutes pass by and we can enjoy our tea. There is milk and sugar on the side if you need.

Adorabelle Tea Room

Shortly after, our little treats arrive.

For each person, it comes with:

  • five tea sandwiches
  • two fresh baked scones with sweetened cream & strawberry preserves
  • five house-made petite sweets

Adorabelle Tea Room

Smoked Salmon pinwheel, bacon and chive cupcake, egg pinwheel, cucumber cream cheese open-faced sandwich, chicken and waffles sandwich, and lastly the savoury shortbread with asiago and fennel.

This was by far my favourite section of the meal. Every single item tasted fantastic! The two items that really stood out for me were the bacon chive cupcakes and the savoury shortbread. YUM!

Adorabelle Tea Room

Level two is scone central.

There is the regular scone with raison and topped with icing sugar. The next is the orange scone with a nice glaze on top.
I’m not a huge fan of scones, but these were pretty good. Very filling as well.

Adorabelle Tea Room

Sweetened cream and strawberry preserves to go with the scones. You must add these or else the scone will not taste as delicious. So good.

Adorabelle Tea Room

The last tier is dessert time.

Strawberry with cream cheese, chocolate minty cake enrobbed with ganche, ginger molasses cookies and fruit pastilles.
Delicious and was a sweet overload. A good way to end the meal!

Adorabelle Tea Room

Overall, KoreanGirl and I really enjoyed ourselves here. It’s a quaint little place and we will definitely be back. Afterwards, we walked around Steveston and checked out Garry Point Park.

We Rate Adorabelle Tea Room

12051 Third Avenue
Richmond, BC


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