Accord Food House: Declining Quality or Just Bad Luck?

Diana Chan February 3, 2012 South Burnaby, Taiwanese, Three Beakers

Last time I had a great experience at Accord Noodle House, so I decided to come again with InsecureGirl and Gloria (ImBusyEating).

Since it’s close to where we all live, we thought we should meet up and chow down on some Taiwanese noodles. It still looks really ugly on the outside and is located beside a very special “toy” store. Just sayin…looks very sketchy but don’t worry about it!

The service this time was quite bad since it was very hard for me to communicate with the server for my order since they spoke minimal English. Good thing Gloria and InsecureGirl know Mandarin or else it would have been super awkward.

Totally different from the outside right?

Tomato Beef Noodle ($8.95) has tender beef, veggies, tomatoes and a yummy broth. InsecureGirl has this and she thought it was alright.

My Grandpa Chinese Pasta ($7.95) has fresh vegetables, tomatoes with a yummy meat sauce. Gloria thought the food was OK and it seemed like something she could make at home. Check out ImBusyEating’s blog to hear what she thought about the whole experience.

Stewed Chicken in Noodle Soup ($7.95) sounded good, but when it arrived, I knew this would be really hard to eat. I didn’t want to use my hands because I didn’t want to get physical with my food. The chicken was a bit on the dry side, thus making it harder to eat. The noodles and the soup base were alright, but it wasn’t amazing or anything.

Overall, the food is alright. I found it quite disappointing since I did have a good experience last time. They did go on vacation in December, so maybe the quality of the food suffered a bit? May be they will improve over time.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Homey type of food
  • Super ugly exterior, but don’t be afraid to go inside
  • Italian Soda, Parfait, Tomato Beef Noodle are highly recommended
  • Best to come in 4′s
  • Pay parking on street

We Rate Accord Food House: 


4611 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC V5H

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