A & W (Chubby Chicken)

Diana Chan January 31, 2011 Downtown, Fast Food

They other day I had a huge craving for their chicken strips, so I headed over to the A&W for their chicken strips.

While looking at their menu, I accidentally ordered the 3 piece chubby chicken meal. I found it super strange how may meal ended up to be over $10.

When I got it, I totally didn’t mind because I have never tried their Chubby chicken before. The combo came with 3 pieces of chubby chicken fries, a coke and a small macaroni salad. I tried changing the fries into a salad but they could not substitute it from something else. The outside was seasoned ok, but the meat was pretty dry. Compared to other chain chicken restaurants, Church’s Chicken is SO much better and cheaper.

I think in the future, I will stick with the Chicken strips, the Teen Burger, the Uncle Burger and of course the onion rings!

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