[Sneak Peek] A Taste of Paris with Nespresso

Diana Chan November 11, 2018 product

Nespresso released new festive capsules this holiday season. They want to make this winter a little bit sweeter as holiday parties gather around the home. The Limited Edition Variations coffees and accessories is inspired by Parisian patisserie and designed in partnership with India Mahdavi.

There are 3 capsules for the regular machine and 3 more for their Vertuo machine. Plus, 2 recipes to get the best out of these new flavours. These are available in stores where Nespresso products are sold or online as well.


Paris Macaron
(Intensity 6)

This has a combination of Livanto’s cereal notes and a subtle, sweet almond flavour inspired by macarons.

Paris Praline
(Intensity 6)

This has a base of Livanto with hazelut roasted flavour and a caramel sweetness. Those combinations make a delicious praline dessert.

Paris Black
(Intensity 9)

The stronger of the capsules and it has notes of cereal and nuts with spicy and woody tones.


Paris Exotic Macaron
(Intensity 5)

This capsule has a delicate coconut flavour blend, which gives you the taste of macarons. They use a sooth Arabica blend from Ethiopia, Central and South America giving this coffee sweet notes.

Paris Madeleine
(Intensity 5)

An added hint of almond gives you a taste of madeleines. You get delicate hints of biscuits given by Arabicas from Ethiopia, Central and South America.

Paris Black
(Intensity 11)

Of the 3 new Vertuo capsules, this one is double in strength for a true Parisian experience. It has smooth cereal notes with a strong spicy character.


Instead of having it straight or with milk and sugar. There are a few interesting recipes using the Paris Black Capsules to enhance the experience.

Paris Black Chocolate Macchiato

Café gourmand meets café noisette when you drop your bite-sized treat of a dark chocolate square straight into your espresso with milk.

  1. Drop the Nespresso dark chocolate square in the Espresso cup.
  2. Extract the coffee (40 ml) over it.
  3. Add 10 ml of milk.

Paris Back Gourmet Reverso

You’ll taste its decadent dark chocolate, praline, and coffee flavours and its rich, creamy taste when you try this coffee recipe.

  • Pour 8ml of milk in an Espresso cup
  • Extract the coffee (40ml) over it
  • Spread the praline crumbs and chocolate shavings on top


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  1. Lacey November 11, 2018 at 3:50 pm

    I got the Paris Black and I’m in love!

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