5 steps to boarding a cruise at Canada Place

Diana Chan June 12, 2017 Alaska, British Columbia, Cruise

Here are a few things I learned about before boarding my cruise at Canada Place. It was my first cruise so I didn’t know what to expect. Hopefully, this will help you mentally prepare you for where to go. Our boarding began at 12pm, so we made sure to arrive earlier so we could settle down and not wait in large lines to get on board.

Head to Cruise Ship Level of Canada Place

You can either drive to this area or you can walk to this level from the Convention Centre East. Just follow the signs.

Baggage Drop off

Fill in your luggage tag and give them to the staff and they will make sure it gets to your room. It’s easier to do this as they will need to scan your bag for any prohibited items.

Cruise Check in

This is where you grab your cruise map and room keys. It’s best to check in with your cabin mates.

Security and US Customs and Border Protection

This is where you will be officially passing the border so you don’t have to do it at another port. It’s very efficient. As a Canadian, we put our passport and information into the computers, pass it to a border guard and then we were done.


Have you room key in hand as this is your primary card to get around. It is your room key, ID and also your credit card. As we got on board, they greeted us and showed us to our rooms.

It was an easy process to go through and there are tons of people helping us get where we needed to go. As there were 2 cruise ships leaving that day, I was impressed by how organized they were. I hope this has helped you demystify how to board a cruise at Canada Place.

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