2019 Chinese Restaurant Awards: All Winners Announced

Diana Chan April 4, 2019 Event, news

The Chinese Restaurant Awards is back again for their 11th year dishing out some of the best restaurant and dishes in Metro Vancouver. You’ll recognize some familiar restaurants and discover some new ones as well.

Here are all the winners in each category below:

Diners’ Choice Awards 

The 11th annual Diners’ Choice Awards mark a new beginning with a revitalized vision to encourage public engagement in curating the Chinese and Taiwanese dining scene in Vancouver.

Over 3,700 nominations were submitted for 22 categories and 32,796 votes were casted online and through WeChat voting app during the nomination and voting period.

  • Best Cantonese-style Crispy Chicken: Dynasty Seafood Restaurant
  • Best Sichuan Chili Oil Wonton: Chao Shou Wang
  • Best Tofu Pudding: iTofu – Tofu Dessert Specialty Shop
  • Most Voted Restaurant: HK B.B.Q. Master
  • Best New Restaurant: HaiDiLao Hot Pot
  • Best Services Restaurant: Dolar Shop
  • Best Fine Dining Restaurant: Mott32
  • Best Dim Sum Restaurant: Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant
  • Best Vegetarian Restaurant: Sun Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Best Cantonese Restaurant: Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant
  • Best Northern Chinese Restaurant: Emperor’s Kitchen
  • Best Shanghainese Restaurant: Dinesty Dumpling House
  • Best Sichuan Restaurant: Too Two Chinese Sauerkraut Fish
  • Best Hunan Restaurant: Tian Shi Fu Restaurant
  • Best Taiwanese Restaurant/BBT Café: YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea
  • Best Hot Pot Restaurant: HaiDiLao Hot Pot
  • Best Congee and/or Noodle Restaurant: Congee Noodle House
  • Best Hong Kong-style Café: Deer Garden Signatures
  • Best B.B.Q. Shop: HK B.B.Q. Master
  • Best Dessert Restaurant: Snackshot
  • Best Bakery Shop: Kam Do Bakery
  • Best Food Court Stall: Bubble Waffle Cafe, Aberdeen Mall
  • Best Fantuan Takeout Restaurant: Maojiao Bobo Fish

Critics’ Choice Signature Dish Awards 

This year’s judging panel is again made up of four prominent local food critics – Alexandra Gill, Lee Man, Brendon Matthews, and Willian Ho Wood Kuen, who are experts in the field of Chinese cuisine and familiar with the history and mission of Chinese Restaurant Awards.

  • Best Crispy Roast Pork Belly: Fortune Terrace Chinese Cuisine
  • Best Shanghai-style Fried Pork Buns: Mama’s Dumpling
  • Best Stir Fry Spicy Clams: The Fish Man
  • BC Geoduck Duo – Steamed Fillets with Wasabi and Stir fry with Eggs & Black Truffle: Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant
  • Best Dungeness Crab with Zhajiang Sauce and Noodles: Lougheed Wonton Restaurant
  • Best Grill Rock-Fish with Spicy and Chinese Spice: Li’s China Grill
  • Best Slow-Cooked Angus Triple-A Short Beef Rib with Black Pepper: The Jade Seafood Restaurant
  • Best Braised Spareribs with Cranberry: Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant
  • Best Dried Scallop and Vermicelli in Clay Pot: The Jade Seafood Restaurant
  • Best Herbal Chinese Wine Chicken Pot: Mui Kee Chicken Pot
  • Best Roasted Salt Free Range Chicken: Western Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Ocean Wise Sustainable Seafood Awards

In an effort to continue keeping our oceans around the world healthy, Vitality Steam Seafood Restaurant and YuShang Hot Pot have established a committed partnership with Ocean Wise to focus promoting sustainable seafood in their menu options.

Lifetime Culinary Achievement Award

At age 83, legendary Cantonese cuisine master Chef Leung Yiu Tong has just officially retired in February and closed his Hoi Tong Chinese Seafood Restaurant. The Award pays homage and salute, once again, to his tireless effort in cultivating the most authentic and original Cantonese flavours and creating countless memorable dining experiences in the past 72 years.


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