2018 Summer Patio Inspiration by PC Home

Diana Chan April 16, 2018 Home, product

It’s never too soon to plan for patio weather. As it is getting slightly warmer across Canada, Summer will pounce on us quite quickly before we know it. To give you some patio inspiration, Real Canadian Superstore will be carrying their various collections of PC Home products to deck out your place to have a festive party.

Tropical Toucan Collection

To give the feeling of the tropics, there are colours of greens, oranges, and yellows that give it a nice complementary look. Imagine having a nice margarita in these cups.

Desert Spring Collection

Dessert Spring is another nice collection with pink and green colours. Imagine cacti, birds and foliage. I also love all the little pineapple decor. Who doesn’t love a good tropical pineapple?

Moroccan Escape Collection

Escape into a new place with these Moroccan inspired dish ware. The patterns on the dishes would looks so good with traditional dishes like tagine, chicken marrakesh, and couscous.

Micro Mosaic Collection

This beautiful collection take you to Greece with the striking blue and turquoise colours to visually cool you for the hot summers ahead. The coral, octopus, and fish look great.

Dessert Ikat Collection

To contrast the cool micro mosaic collection is the Desert Ikat with its warm tones and patterns that bring you to Egypt. Imagine just serving up a delicious exotic meal with these dishware.

Canadiana Home Collection

With Canada Day around the corner, PC Home has a range of pure Canadiana items to deck out your space for July 1 or if you’re heading out to the cottage or cabin and want an all-Canadian look. From retro coolers, cute camp mugs to lanterns, these items scream Canadian pride.

BBQ Cleaning Essentials

Like many BBQ owners like myself, I can’t wait to fire up the grill and start cooking outside again. We love flipping burgers, grilling veggies, and cooking smokies.

Cleaning the grill is the aftermath of a good evening. They sell 3 different brushes to replace the dangerous metal bristles that might fall out. One is made out of pumice stone, the other is wood and the last one is an interwoven steel mesh brush.

Final Thoughts

I personally love the dish ware that are part of the different collections. It gives you variety if you want to have cooler or warmer tones to you Summer BBQ on the patio. The dishes make your food pop with extra colour. My favourite are the micro mosaic and Tropical Toucan collections.

You can find these new PC Home items at your local Real Canadian Superstore in the coming months. Keep an eye open so you can add some colour to your Summer.


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