2018 Honda Accord Touring: Review

Diana Chan April 9, 2018 Car, travel

Vancouver has pretty mild weather most of the year, but once a year there happens to be a surprise snow storm that paralyzes the city. We drove the 2018 Honda Accord Touring around the city in both sunny, rainy, and snowy conditions.

Heads Up Display

One of the new features is the Head Ups Display (HUD), which places important information in the driver’s line of sight. It can display navigation directions, speed, incoming calls, and any warnings. At first, this feature was a bit distracting, but I loved it the most for navigation so I wouldn’t miss a turn.

You can make adjustments on the left panel using the HUD button to adjust position.

You still have your normal dashboard if you decide not to use the HUD.

Blind Spot Indicators

Being able to quickly see if anything is in the blind spot is a blessing just in case there is a smaller car or even a cyclist. Being aware of your surroundings is key.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Even though Honda has their own satellite linked navigation system, I much prefer the Apple CarPlay feature to sync items on my phone to the dashboard like my music, any calls and Apple maps. Just plug in the phone and let it do its magic.

There is also wireless charging in the front console if you want to charge any devices that have the capability.

Roomy Interior

Besides being a driver, I also enjoy being a passenger to get an overall feel of the car. With the Honda Accord, space has never been a problem. Since the car itself is a bit longer than the Civic, it gives extra leg room in the back seats for added comfort.

There is also ventilation, charging ports and heated seats too. Now thats comfort.


The Accord was comfortable to drive. It has a powerful engine to go up any steep hills as well as going fast on the highways or slowly through city congestion.

There is a sport mode button if you want extra power. There are also steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters. For city driving, you can turn on Econ mode to save a little extra on gas without compromise to the feel of the car.

Final Thoughts

I only covered a small fraction of feature of the 2018 Honda Accord Touring, but I was impressed with it’s capability and it’s packed full of features to give you comfort and safety when on the road in any conditions. I always felt safe when in the city and the suburbs.


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