2018 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Elite: Review

Diana Chan April 17, 2018 Car, travel

The 2018 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Elite is a full size luxury sedan which has gotten a large cosmetic update for this year. The diamond pentagon grille, LED lights, and reshaped hood gives this vehicle its aesthetic beauty.

We tested it for a week in the rainy Vancouver weather to get a good feel for the vehicle for the west coast weather conditions.


It’s great that this is a hybrid vehicle, but it surprisingly wasn’t very fuel-efficient at all. Seems a bit backwards since I didn’t drive very much in a week but got through half a tank. The vehicle really excels on the highway giving it a very powerful drive especially on sport mode.


Despite the updated exterior, the technology seems dated when it comes to software. The omission of the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto were missed, but they were able to add the stylish Head-Up Display, which projects a digital speedometer as well as turn-by-turn navigation directions, which is very handy.

With the surround view camera system, parking sensors, and dimmable mirrors, it felt very safe driving around town during the day and night. One of my pet peeves are cars with insanely bright lights, so with the dimmable mirrors, it helps prevent the light piercing into my eyes at night.

Spacious Interior

As a full-sized sedan, you get plenty of leg room in the front row and the back seats.

There is also ventilation and seat warmers for the back seat. It’s important for passengers to be comfortable for short to long rides.

I always find the seat warmers a joy for back seat passengers to play with. Their eyes just instantly light up as they have buttons to push.

Final Thoughts


If you’re thinking you’ll save gas money by purchasing the 2018 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Elite, you may not depending on how you drive. Since the vehicle is a full size sedan, it is very comfortable for the driver and passengers. Plus, the safety features are great.



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