2017 Ford Fusion Sport: Review

Diana Chan February 9, 2017 Car, travel

The 2017 Ford Fusion Sport is a mid-sized sedan with 5 seats. We got to test drive this car for a week to get a good handle of the vehicle. At this point in my life, a sedan is a great vehicle for M and I. It still has lots of room for our friends and privacy of having things in a secured trunk.


The car comes in 3 colours – Lightning Blue, Burgundy Velvet Metallic, and White Gold. The lightning blue is quite stunning. My first car was blue, so being back behind the wheel of a blue car made me feel younger.

The LED lights, 4 exhausts, and the line across the side give the cars a sleek modern feel.

The blind spot indicators on the side mirrors helps inform drivers if there is a car in their blind spot. Handy just in case you aren’t as attentive shoulder checking.

The trunk is spacious and the back seat fold down if you need extra space to move longer objects.

Keyless entry is awesome. You never really have to take the key out. As long as you are standing beside the car, the car will unlock automatically. The car also starts with a push of a button. Just make sure you don’t lose this key.


Sync 3 and Sync Connect infotainment systems are smarter than previous versions and offer both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity. As an iPhone user, I always love to see the compatibility for a customized experience.

When you put the car in reverse, the rear view camera automatically transmits the image of what’s behind your vehicle to your touchscreen when you’re slowly backing up.

There is also sensors around the car and it will warn you when you are too close to any objects around you. One of my favourite standard features as it makes backing in parking and parallel parking so much easier.

The new gear shift dial was  designed to take up less room and open up space for more conveniently arranged cupholders and a UBS port. It took a little getting use to, but it was fun to use. Very sleek. Press the Sport mode for an extra boost in power.

All seats have leather-trimmed seats with Miko suede.

On the drivers side door, I love how I could configure my seat settings. Since M and I are different sizes and have different seat preferences, I always get annoyed when I have to adjust my seat. Now, with this seat setting, there’s a solution.

With smartphones being used in the cars, USB ports is a must.


The car has a 2.7L V6 EcoBoost engine, 325 horsepower and 350 lb.- ft. of torque, standard AWD and continuously controlled damping. When pushing on the gas, you can feel the power of the engine accelerate.

I loved the pre-collision assist and pedestrian detection features. The sensors detect a potential collision with a car or pedestrian in front of you by alerting you with a heads-up display, which simulates red brake lights, flashes on the windshield, and an audible alert sounds.

This came in handy while I was driving and cars in front of me suddenly break. If you don’t take corrective action and collision is imminent, brakes are automatically applied.

Final Thoughts

From the city, highways and to the suburbs, it was a pleasure testing this car. One of my favourite parts of the car is definitely it’s technology integration to make driving easier.


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  1. Jeff Fisher February 9, 2017 at 7:06 am

    Torque is 380…! That’s the same figure as the 2012-2014 Boss 302 Mustang!

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