2016 Honda Coupe Touring: Review

Diana Chan September 5, 2016 Car, travel


The 2016 Honda Civic Coupe Touring is the sporty version of the reliable Honda Civic. I have a 4-door Honda Civic, so it was a fun week trying out the Civic Coupe Touring in bright green. At first, the Energy Green Pearl colour seemed a bit jarring as it is a colour I’m not used to. I thought I would get a few looks, but after driving it, no one really noticed the colour at all.



The exterior has nice lines that give it the sporty feel. With the Touring, you’ll notice that the handles are chrome instead of the same colour as the body. It definitely has an aggressive look ready too zoom around town.

The shark fin shaped antenna works well with the car.


The LED headlights in the front and rear are bright.

Also the side mirrors have integrated LED for your turn signals. A good was to let others on the road know your intentions so your don’t get into an accident.


The right side also has a camera to make checking your blind spot on the right side easy to bikers or other things that pop up. The rear facing camera is awesome too especially when parallel parking or backing up into a spot.


The 17″ Aluminum Alloy Wheels look pretty good and hold up the car up, but you can still see that the car is still low to the ground. Try not to be too aggressive over high speed bumps.

The capless fueling system is pretty awesome too. No more need to remember screwing on the cap.



The front seats are lowered, so you get a sporty feel by sitting lower to the ground. The front seats are heated, so in the winter time, you rear can be nice and toasty.

The seats have leather-trimmed seating surfaces.


The back seat seats 3 people, it might be a bit crammed if you have 3 tall adults in the back seats. They have to enter and exit through the driver side or passenger side door.


The technology packed into this car is pretty awesome, wireless charging, Apple Car Play, Android Auto, and WiFi teathering are a few things I enjoy in this car to better integrate your smartphone with the car.


Since I have an iPhone, I really utilized the Maps function so I can use Google Maps. Google Maps is by far superior to the standard map that’s part of the navigation system.


The USB port is a bit hidden, but can be found closer to where you knees are.



The engine is 1.5-litre, 16-valve, Direct Injection, DOHC, and turbocharged 4-cylinder. There is 174 horsepower at 6000 RPM. The civic coupe also has ECON mode to increase fuel economy.


The parking break has been replaces with a electronic parking break, so it is turned by by a push of a button. It saves room near the gear box and creates a sleeker look.


The glowing electronic dashboard is nice to look at. The car a good amount of power and performs well on hills and on the highway.


Final Thoughts


At $27,555 for the 2016 Honda Civic Coupe Touring, it’s a good price. The Civic Coupe appeals more to those who are younger and looking for a sleek car to impress friends without braking the bank. It was fun to drive this along the highway at faster speeds.


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