Monthly Archives: August 2011

Chez Meme Baguette Bistro: Baguettes and Slow Service

Chez Meme Baguette Bistro is a hot spot for sandwich lovers! They are best known for their selection of baguettes and french onion soup. Since Louieseries is a sandwich fanatic, I just had to take her here! I don’t find [...]

August 31, 2011 French, North Burnaby, Sandwich, Three Beakers

Big Lou’s Butcher Shop: Sandwiches, Sandwiches, and Sandwiches

Big Lou’s Butcher Shop is best known for their selection of meats as well as their sandwich counter. Some say that their sandwiches are equally as good as Meat & Bread. I am never in this part of town, so [...]

August 30, 2011 Gastown, Sandwich, Specialty Shop, Three Beakers

Tai Wan Restaurant: Amazing Korean Style Chinese Food

I was at Metropolis Comics & Toys near Metrotown buying some KidRobot Figurines, when M wanted to get some food close by. He didn’t want to walk far to find food, so we stayed on the same block to find [...]

August 28, 2011 Chinese, Four Beakers, Korean, South Burnaby

Celine’s Fish and Chips: Worst Fish & Chips On Granville Island

I’ve been on a Fish & Chips hunt this Summer whenever I happen to pass by a place. While I was on Granville Island, I decided to try out Celine’s Fish & Chips. Its been here for a long long [...]

August 27, 2011 Granville Island, One Beaker, Seafood

Market Grill: An Awesome Burger Find!

The Market Grill on Granville Island is in the marketplace. They are best known for their amazing burgers! My sisters and I were in the marketplace looking for seafood to bring back home, but then we felt kind hungry, so [...]

August 27, 2011 Granville Island, Sandwich, Three Beakers

Fuji Sushi: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Japanese Restaurant

Since I live near the Lougheed area, I wanted to try something different with M, BusanGirl and PoliceMan. I was tired of the usual Korean and Japanese Restaurants in the area, so I did a bit of research to find [...]

August 26, 2011 Coquitlam, Japanese, Seafood, Three Beakers

Bino’s Family Restaurant: Bang For Your Buck

I have to be honest, I judge restaurants based on what they look like from the outside. Bino’s is a family restaurant of Kingsway and Joyce. They are best known for their cheap all day breakfast. For some others, it [...]

August 25, 2011 Brunch, Sandwich, Three Beakers, Victoria-Fraserview/Killarney

Pajo’s Fish & Chips: Down By The Sea

I’ve heard the Pajo’s in Steveston is quite popular for Fish & Chips, so it was time for a visit. Pajo’s is located on a dock, which floats on top of the green murky water and it’s attached to the waterfront by [...]

August 24, 2011 Richmond, Seafood, Three Beakers

Screamers Soft Serve & Treats: I Scream For Ice Cream…and Slurpee

A long time ago, there was a shop at Metrotown that served up a delicious blend of ice cream and slurpee. It was one of the highlights of going to Metrotown with my parents. I was so devastated when it shut down. [...]

August 23, 2011 Dessert, Richmond, Three Beakers

Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen: Great Addition to The Drive

My sister found a new Japanese place on Commercial Drive called Kishimoto that serves up sushi and different izakaya dishes. Since I just adore Japanese food to death, I dragging M to come eat with me. There are a few [...]

August 22, 2011 Commercial Drive / Grandview, Four Beakers, Izakaya, Japanese, Seafood

Rogue Kitchen & Wet Bar: More Than Meets The Eye

Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar is located in Waterfront station in Downtown. They are a great addition to the downtown core serving up pasta, burgers,pizza, salad, soup and a bunch of other items. It’s a great place to bring your clients [...]

August 21, 2011 Bar and Grill, Downtown, Three Beakers

Yami Sushi Japanese Restaurant: Served with a Side of Hair

The @SFUSMN crew were having a car wash on Granville and we got super hungry after washing cars and ever large trucks. We went to a few other restaurants and discovered a lot of them only take cash. Seeing that [...]

August 20, 2011 Japanese, Marpole, Seafood, Two Beakers

Footo Delights: Brand New Pastry Shop Specializing in Croissants

I love discovering new restaurants and shops through Twitter. I was going through my followers list and thought @modernmixvan would be interesting to follow. I was looking at their site and I saw an article about a new shop – Footo Delights, which [...]

August 19, 2011 Bakery, Cafe, Downtown, Three Beakers

Joe’s Grill: Brunch with Bennys and Hash

CanuckGirl and I decided we should go to the Pride Parade since we have never ever been to one. Living here for all my life and never going there…shame. Before lining up on the streets, we thought we would grab [...]

August 19, 2011 Brunch, Robson Street/West End, Three Beakers

The New Oxford Public House: Shots, Shots, Shots and Of Course Food

I went to ConsultingGirl’s going away party and she had it at The New Oxford Public House, it is owned and operated by the Donnelly Group. They are located in Yaletown and has very vintage looking decor. They even have a shuffle [...]

August 18, 2011 Bar and Grill, Pub/Bar, Three Beakers, Yaletown

Slingers Mobile Food Truck: It’s Like Pasta Between Two Buns

I was walking near Burrard to find something interesting to sink my taste buds into during my lunch break. I really had no idea where I was going, until the Slingers Mobile Food Truck caught my eye. I always have [...]

August 17, 2011 Downtown, Food Carts, Italian, Streetcart, Two Beakers

Electric Owl Social Club: Surprising Asian Inspired Menu

It was @wongers birthday and she decided to have it at the Electric Owl. The name of the place sounded very interesting, seemed more like a pub/lounge to me. Since we went there early and it was fireworks night, this [...]

August 16, 2011 Izakaya, Japanese, Strathcona, Tapas, Two Beakers

Sha Lin Noodles: Reopened and Better Than Ever

A few months ago, there was a fire that started at Japas Bistro, which caused their unit to go up in smoke and affect the neighbouring restaurants as well. I was so sad that Sha Lin Noodles was affected and [...]

August 15, 2011 Chinese, Fairview, Three Beakers