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Diana Chan October 21, 2010 North Burnaby, Three Beakers

After hearing much news about this unique restaurant called 100 Days, I had to try it out. When do you usually see food and art mixed together? When you reach the door, you know this is going to be a super cool funky place. Apparently, this place is ONLY open for 100 days and then it’s gone! Also, the artist – Vince Dumoulin comes in once in a while to add some more art pieces to the wall.

There are so many unique paintings on the walls and a really cool TV that plays popular internet clips! M and I were so zoned out because the clips were mesmerizing. This left poor InsecureGirl and FragileBoy trying to snap us out of our trance.

We started off with a few drinks because our table was not ready yet. I got the 100 Days ($7), which reminded me of a sangria. I don’t remember what was in it, but it was really good.

InsecureGirl had the Tequila Sunrise, I assume it has tequila and orange Juice

Looking at the menu, there were many choice to choose from. Their menu is also located on several of the chalk walls. Click on the image to enlarge.

We started off with the Whole Fried Mozzarella for Two ($19). It was really nice and gooey and the fried coating really gave it a lot of texture. The green sauce is basil and the red sauce is a tomato fondue. It was pricey!!

Prosciutto Brushetta ($8) had thinly slice prosciutto , cheese, basil puree and herb oil. I enjoyed it.

Calamari & Popcorn Shrimp ($14) came in a neat asian take out box. Comes with salt and pepper AIoli sauce and a grilled lime. I’m not exactly sure what the lime was for. The breading for the calamari felt like it fell apart easily. Also, the bottom of the container has shrimp crackers, so it is not really full at the botom.

Crispy Boar Bacon Grill Cheese Sandwich ($15) had emmental cheese, wild boar bacon, mornay cheese sauce and truffles. It also came with a salad on the side. This grilled cheese did not impress me at all. The bread could have been more sturdy and solid. The boar bacon was very tough to chew on. When I took a bite, it would drag the whole piece of bacon out.

The Lobster and Dungeness Crab Mac and Cheese ($22) was really nice. It was not just flavoured crab, it had real chunks of crab in it. The lobster bisque that gets poured on top of the mac and cheese was very flavourful. Overall, nice twist on the traditional Mac and Cheese.

Braised Lamb pappardelle pasta ($19) had the most amazing braised lamb! Kinda reminded me of asian stir fry noodles.

After eating all of that, our bill came to $189. We were totally broke after we came here. I wouldn’t say we regret it or anything like that. It was like eating in an art gallery. If you eat here, you are essentially paying for the atmosphere. I would come in again and probably just have a few drinks and appies.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Go! They won’t be here for very long
  • Someone at your table must have the Mac and Cheese!
  • Art in there is just amazing.

If you are an art lover…and food lover. Come check out 100 Days at Opus Hotel. With only 100 days to check them out, don’t forget to catch it before it’s gone. It’s quite expensive, so remember to choose wisely.

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  1. Victoria October 25, 2010 at 6:50 pm

    They also do a weekend brunch that’s decent, and apparently bring in a DJ at around 1 in the afternoon, so people can continue their weekend fun the next day. 😉

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